GBG has represented clients in “big rig” truck and bus accidents with serious injuries.  Due to the size, weight, and  impact of these machines, the stemming injuries can be catastrophic.  A seemingly small collision or a slight error can cause significant injuries.  GBG thrives in this interesting and unique area of the law.  With the necessary knowledge and resources we make sure our clients interest are properly represented.

Some of the factors that can cause a truck or bus collision include, the negligent operation of the driver, the inadequate training by the driver’s employer, misunderstanding of the rules of the road, failure to follow proper guidelines for rest (usually motivated by “more pay for more driving”), and much more.  It is our task to draw out the facts of what caused the collisions in a diligent manner so as to preserve the evidence before it is lost or destroyed through neglect or malice by the opposing side.

At GBG we have also represented clients who were injured by stolen vehicles, including stolen trucks.  Under California law, the owner of a vehicle is generally not responsible for injuries caused by the thief of the stolen vehicle.  There is an exception to this, which involves vehicles that fall within the “special circumstances” doctrine.  Vehicles that fall within the “special circumstances” doctrine may include tractors, garbage trucks, big rigs, etc.  California courts have reasoned that such vehicles attract certain individuals, including minors and criminals, because of their unique features; and, given that such machines are more dangerous in nature, they should be secured by their owners, otherwise liability may follow.  GBG took over and successfully litigated a highly contested and publicized “special circumstances” case from a prominent litigation firm in California.  When the bigger firm weeded out this case, thinking that there was no merit to it, the attorneys at GBG disagreed and were able to use their knowledge and expertise to successfully litigate the case for their client, resulting in a high six-figure settlement.