The Missing Persons song “Walking in LA” (“Nobody walks in LA”), could not be further from the truth. People walk in LA and they are walking a lot. For example, the corner of Slauson and Western in S. Los Angeles has recorded 41 pedestrians hit by traveling vehicles during a twelve year period of time, more than any other intersection in Los Angles.

Pedestrians are highly susceptible to serious injuries after an accident because they are not protected by metal like passengers of an automobile are.  Pedestrians face a 25% risk of severe injury if they are hit by a car driving 23 mph. The risk rises to 75% if the car is going just 16 mph faster. (AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety).

While pedestrians “have the right of way,” liability is not always clear in pedestrian accidents. Pedestrians think they do not have to look out for cars, because cars will look out for them – this is simply not the case. Pedestrian accidents do not only involve cars, but can involve buses, trucks, defective and unsafe roads, and more.

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